During the Spring 2017 Youth Basketball Season the coaches will have a chance to shared the Word of God with there team. Each week the coaches will read the passage that is assign for that week and will be able to talk with there players about what the passage means and how it applies to there lives.


Gospel Bible Study Lessons

Based on Deuteronomy 6:4-5

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.



              Basic Truths


Lesson 1

Hear, O Israel



God tells us to listen to his word to us.

Before Christ came, God’s chosen people was Israel; after he came, God’s chosen people are those who trust in him as their savior from sin.


We need to pay attention to what God says in the Bible. Not everyone is a child of God; but if we listen to the Bible, we can learn how to be one.

Lesson 2

The LORD our God, the LORD is one.



LORD is the special, personal name of the true God: its basic meaning is “I AM.” That means that no one created God or made him up. It also means that he tells us what he is like; we don’t tell him what he should be like or what he should do. There is only one God but he is three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- Three in One, One in Three - Trinity. No one can understand that.

We need to find out from the Bible what God is like and not try to make up our own ideas of what he is like. We need to accept that we cannot understand everything about God, but we can know the things he tells us about him.

Lesson 3

You shall love the LORD your God



The response God wants from us is to love him. Our problem is that we don’t love God; in fact, we don’t even want to love God. This is the reason we don’t want to listen to what he tells us to do. The Bible calls that the sin nature within us.  

Being rightly related to God is not about keeping his rules. We can’t and don’t want to keep them. No one can change the way they feel about God. God has to do that in us.

Lesson 4

With all your heart



The ‘heart’ is the real you, what you are inside where no one can see. It is the control room of your life. God says that he wants us to love him with all that we are, deep down in the core of our being. It is right that we should love him like that because he is the most wonderful of all that exists.

Although we can’t change our own hearts to make us love God, God can change our hearts.  The good news is that Jesus came to pay the penalty for us loving everything else in place of God.

Lesson 5

With all your soul



Your soul is that part of you that responds to the world around you – the world of people and nature. Your soul is the source of your feelings, your emotions, what you get excited about.

Because God is the most wonderful of all that is, he should be the one that we get most excited about, the one who gives us the most joy.

Lesson 6

With all your might.



Our energy is expended on what we think is most important. We work hard at getting better at sports, sometimes to learn a subject at school, sometimes at a job. When we value knowing God as more important than anything else, we will make every effort necessary.

We need to take seriously our privilege and responsibility to pursue that which is most valuable – knowing our Creator and God, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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