• Games are 7 innings. Official Game is 4 ½ innings
  • All games MUST start by 6:15.
  • Teams can bat 11 and play 10 in the field.
  • After two strikes, if the batter hits two foul balls, the batter is out.
  • There is a 15 run mercy rule which goes in effect after 4 1/2 innings (if the home team is winning) or 5 innings (if visiting team is winning).
  • Every batter starts off with a 0-0 count.
  • If a player does not have a team shirt, they start with 1 strike. They must wear the same color shirt. If a player does not have their own shirt for playoffs they will not be allowed to play.
  • Only two courtesy runners are allowed per game. The Courtesy runner is the person who made the last out.
  • The league plays with modified pitching. The pitcher cannot go over his shoulder on a pitch.
  • Catchers must wear a mask.
  • There is NO fighting, NO cursing of any kind allowed. If so, player or players will get ejected. If a player gets ejected from a game they will be suspended for the next game.
  • No Stealing and No Bunting
  • All players must attend church
  • If a game is rained out on Monday the makeup date is Thursday
  • Everyone makes playoffs
  • Each team supplies a game ball and pays the umpire on the field
  • All games start and end with a word of prayer
  • No metal spikes allow
  • The team roster must be signed by the Pastor of the church and be submitted to the League Commissioner before the first game. Failure to submit a roster will be an automatic forfeit of all games until the roster is turned in
  • Each Game is required to have a safety base
  • All Bats must be aluminum bats. NO cap bats will be allow

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