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Two ministries working together for the same purpose. NYCCAL and New Life of NYC have been working together for the past 5 years. The goal and mission of these two ministries is to plant seeds and teach the Gospel to kids in the inner city.

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On June 20th, 2015 Seth Franco was our Guest Speaker at our Annual Awards Banquet for our basketball program. On this day we came together as a league to honor and celebrate the achievements of the boys in the league and what a honor it was to have Seth share his story with our kids. Seth Franco in 2003 became the first

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The Columbia men’s basketball team continued its relationship with New York City Christian Athletic League (NYCCAL) as they volunteered and help run a Clinic in the Bronx on April 22 and April 29. The players along with the Lions’ coaching staff ran skill stations over a three-hour period on each day and helped organize and run the tryouts for the organization’s recreational league.

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A new youth basketball program with a focus on values is growing and having an impact at the troubled Devoe Park.

Shane Barker, a 16-year-old University Heights resident, does not usually use Devoe Park, the triangular and hilly green space that sits on the corner of Fordham Road and University Avenue and is just blocks from his home.

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