Football Rules

  1.      Each player must play in the game and must have his jersey on. If a player leaves a jersey at home they will not be allow to play in the game.

  2.       Each team must have 7 players on the field at all times.

  3.       If a player is not there for devotions they will not be able to play in the game.

  4.       If a player is late once it will be a warning, the player will be out for the first half of the game. If the player is late a second time, the player will be out for the whole game.   (Unless due to weather or transportation or some other uncontrollable situation)

  5.       The teams in the league will play two 20 min half's.

  6.       Teams will have 20 sec in between plays to get the next play off.

  7.       There will be two blitz per half and three time outs per half.

  8.       You will only get one first down and that will be pass the midfield line.

  9.       On kick offs if the ball goes out of bounds before the 50 yard line the ball will be place on the offense 30 yard line with no 1stdown. If the ball goes out after the 50 yard line it will be place at the 45 yard line with 1st down available.

  10.       A QB can only run when his player crosses the middle or the defensive player’s counts to 7.

  11.       The QB hiking the ball cannot take the ball out of the givers hands. The giver has to toss the ball to the QB.

  12.     The clock will stop in the first half on time outs, touchdowns, and at the two min warning. In the second half the clock will stop the same as the first half but also at the last two minutes of the second half on out of bounds plays and incomplete passes.

  13.       In doing fake plays the QB cannot run until someone passes the giver or hits them.

  14.       Blocking must be open hand blocking. There is no lowering of the shoulder or head blocking. Players cannot use elbows in the process of blocking a play. We are playing flag not tackle football.

  15.       When a player gets an unsportsmanlike flag they must come out of the game for a whole series of plays. If the player gets two unsportsmanlike flags they will be ejected from the game and suspended from the next game.

  16.       A player who catches the ball with only one flag on the play will be rule dead and the ball will be placed at the point of the catch. The player can not advance the ball. But if a player pulls the flag before the receiver has possession of the ball. The ball will be placed at the point of catch and the 5 yard penalty will in sue in favor of the offense.

  17.     If a player intentionally grounds the ball towards an area where there is no receiver the offensive team will receive a 5 yard penalty and a lost of a down.

  18. ·       If a coach is on the field, the coach will receive a warning the 1st time and the 2nd time the team will receive a 10 yd penalty.

NYCCAL Overtime Rules

  1.       Overtime rules, the league will refer to NCAA college rules.

  2.       During overtime each team will get one time out and one blitz

  3.       If the score is still tie after the first overtime each team will have to either go for an extra point by throwing the ball or a two point conversion by running the bal

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